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PG&E Debtors Will Not Contest Wildfire Causation 

Six months after filing for bankruptcy in January 2019, Pacific Gas & Electric—the utility company deemed responsible by investigators for certain tragic wildfires that raged through Northern California—filed a motion indicating it will not contest causation with respect to the 2018 Camp Fire or the twenty-two North Bay Fires that occurred in 2017. The motion …. Read More

ALERT: Camp Fire Victims Must Claim to Recover Money from PG&E by October 21, 2019

Individuals affected by the 2018 Camp Fire reported to be caused by PG&E must file claims with the bankruptcy court by October 21, 2019 in order to recover money for injuries, evacuations, lost homes and businesses. Those who fail to submit paperwork by the deadline will not be eligible to receive compensation for damages. In …. Read More