California Fire Report: Ideas, but No Action

On Friday April 12, 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsom released a report suggesting ways to prevent wildfires in the state of California. The report was published six months after the November 2018 Camp Fire blazed through Northern California—killing 85 people and causing more than $8 billion in insurance losses—and on the heels of Pacific Gas & Electric Co.’s bankruptcy declaration in January 2019 following allegations that the utility company is at fault for the fire.

The report explores whether insurers should be required to offer insurance to customers in high-risk areas, and suggests discouraging new development in high-risk fire areas. Another recommendation included is to change California’s utility liability laws that require companies to pay for damages from wildfires caused by their equipment. Though ideas were laid out, a clear plan has not yet been put into place. Lawmakers will decide which actions to take. If action is not taken, the report’s authors predict gaps in electricity services, increased cost of electricity, and more destructive fires.

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