Deadline to File California Wildfire Compensation Claim Extended Through December 31st

California residents now have more time to claim compensation from utility company Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) following the devastating Camp Fire that left thousands stranded. The deadline to file a claim, originally set for October 21, 2019, has been extended through December 31st. The new date was recently approved by a judge overseeing the bankruptcy case.

In a recent court hearing, attorneys representing wildfire survivors noted that less than half of the people eligible to file a claim have done so—drawing criticism that PG&E had not publicized the compensation program enough. Many displaced residents fled to live with family members or friends in other states, putting them out of reach of PG&E’s mailings and TV and radio ads. Other survivors simply were not aware of their ability to file a claim for compensation. PG&E’s lawyers said the utility company has so far received approximately 70,000 claims and processed 45,000, with up to 25,000 more claims pending processing.

The wildfires, which broke out in Paradise, CA and surrounding areas, were the deadliest in the state’s history, displacing thousands of families and taking 85 lives. According to officials, PG&E was concluded to be responsible for the blaze.

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