Images of PG&E’s Faulty Equipment that Sparked Deadly Camp Fire Released

Last Thursday, utility company Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) released a photo of the failed C-hook (part of the transmission tower that was supposed to keep high-voltage lines separate from the tower) blamed for last year’s deadly Camp Fire. Post-fire inspections found worn hooks and deteriorating steel hanger plates on the Caribou-Palermo line. If proper inspections had been carried out, the worn hook that snapped on tower 27/222 would have likely been spotted, preventing the catastrophic fire.

The November 2018 Camp Fire burned through more than 153,000 acres in Northern California, destroying nearly 14,000 residences and 5,000 other buildings. The fire is the deadliest and most devastating in the state’s history.

California residents have until December 31st to claim compensation from PG&E following the devastating Camp Fire that left thousands stranded. If you and your family suffered damages during the Camp Fire, please do not wait to contact one of our attorneys today at (866) 265-0874 for a confidential evaluation of your potential claim. We offer free consultations.