Anyone who may have a claim against Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) for the 2018 Camp Fire must file a claim by October 21, 2019, or risk losing the right to receive compensation.

The Notice authorized by the bankruptcy court states that individuals and businesses that do not file timely claims will not have a say in the resolution of PG&E’s bankruptcy, nor will they be considered in the payment of any fire-related claims through the bankruptcy process.

Furthermore, failure to file a claim may result in losing the right to file a future lawsuit against PG&E for any and all losses, expenses or damages resulting from the wildfires that broke out in November 2018 in Paradise, CA and surrounding areas. These fires amounted to the deadliest in the state’s history—displacing thousands of families, taking 85 lives, and causing unsafe after-effects such as drinking water contamination. According to officials, utility giant PG&E was concluded to be responsible for the blaze.

Attorneys at Grant & Eisenhofer are working to achieve the best possible outcome for affected individuals, families and businesses affected by 2018 Camp Fire. With more than two decades of experience in litigating large-scale corporate and bankruptcy matters, Grant & Eisenhofer is uniquely positioned to aggressively prosecute the case against PG&E while navigating the intricacies and peculiarities of the bankruptcy process. The Firm’s Environmental Litigation practice group has achieved multiple multi-million dollar recoveries on behalf of its clients, including a $143 million settlement against a national utility company whose negligence caused a gas leak that forced the evacuation of more than 150,000 residents in Massachusetts. A leader in plaintiff-side litigation, G&E’s skilled attorneys have the experience and reputation to litigate against large corporations and deliver strong results on behalf of clients.

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