Time is Running Out For Camp Fire Victims to File Claims

The deadline of 5pm on December 31st is rapidly approaching for survivors of the Camp Fire to file compensation claims. Those affected by the deadly fire sparked by a neglected transmission tower owned by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) must file with the court overseeing the utility’s bankruptcy. PG&E filed for bankruptcy in January 2019 in the wake of the fire that decimated 19,000 structures and killed 85 people. A $13.5 billion settlement was recently reached with PG&E to settle individual fire-related claims—but residents and business owners only have about another week to file to receive funds from this settlement.

If you or your family suffered damages during the Camp Fire, don’t wait until the deadline to file your claim. Contact one of our attorneys today at (866) 265-0874 for a confidential evaluation of your potential claim. We offer free consultations.